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get them legs higher!!!
Posted by min (2128 days ago)
Looking good. I found some moves without a t-shirt on helps cos sometimes, depending on the t-shirt, as you do the move your arms move away from the t-shirt socket/position, therefore limiting momentum.
Posted by learner (2129 days ago)
In between your airtracks you lose a lot of height. Perhaps try swinging a bit higher in the first one.
Posted by StylistiC-SMiLeY (2130 days ago)
oh no when I said first attempts I don't mean they are my first first attempts. Rather its just a term like first try, second try, ect..
Posted by mcc_sy (2130 days ago)
umm well I would say just keep going with what your doing, but the thing that i wanna ask is, ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT THEY ARE YOUR FIRST ATTEMPTS? Peace!
Posted by zxcvbnm (2130 days ago)
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