720 Corkscrew Suicide
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I need your mat!!!
Posted by B Boy Rock (3569 days ago)
i'm pretty sure da max is 720, two spins following a b kick
Posted by Bboy airborn (3669 days ago)
Yeah, you can actually get more spins than that and land it too if you do a btwist in the same manner .. that's how my btwist looks at least.
Posted by Pommy (3670 days ago)
its better if u do it like a b-kick, do a b-kick and den bust it, i don think its a 720 tho i can show a 720 btwist its hella crazy
Posted by Bboy airborn (3670 days ago)
ok if u land on the floor like tht all i can say is DAYUMMMMMM
Posted by B-Boy_StReEtZ=- (3801 days ago)
man its really hard to land it !!
Posted by Invincible (3819 days ago)
almost got it.u got a 630
Posted by bboyzap (3819 days ago)
more like 540 ...but nice height tho
Posted by meyend trics (3819 days ago)
Nice, but it looks like you need a litttle bit more momentum to get it all the way around.
Posted by (3820 days ago)
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Added: 01-11-2003
By: Invincible
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A 720 corkscrew suicide
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