Best BBOY in the world (PHYSICS)
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Still the best in the world IMO
Posted by andrewww (813 days ago)
Well u have 2 remeber he did say it's his opinion. It ain't like fam was stating that he's tha best like it's a fact.
Posted by VaVan (1276 days ago)
physicx isnt the [url=]best breakdancer[/url] in the world
Posted by bboyrichman (1409 days ago)
"of course he's the best. that's why he got knocked out on the first round of bc one 2005 by lilou. "

dawg he should won that battle lilou choked so bad, he was cheated out
Posted by bboy-lokid (1787 days ago)
well c'mon ....... i'm sure andreww was speaking hypothetically ..... it's virtually impossible to say that someone is the best in the world of bboying because there are too many styles and technicalities ...... certain bboys win comps and battles based on judgement ...... lets not forget that this is an art and not a sport .......
Posted by Binocular (3032 days ago)
some dope old shit!
Posted by bboy busta move (3080 days ago)
i dunno about him being the best, but he's definitely up there
Posted by FlYgUy64 (3221 days ago)
o and by the way its not physics its physicx
Posted by bboy_noxious (3221 days ago) check this clip of him. alot more impressive
Posted by Bboy mEmBrAnE (3222 days ago)
lol, i wudn't go as far as saying best in the world, but that clip was a pretty good one..
Posted by ienosis (3222 days ago)
Posted by B-BoyX (3222 days ago)
Vice if you wanna talk about competitions what about uk bboy championships? didnt he win the solo competition aswel as his crew...
Posted by andrewww (3223 days ago)
i think the songs "way of the exploding crates" by mex and VP i think physics was saving his moves for other rounds nd he under estimated lilou and u can put the rest together
Posted by bboy_noxious (3223 days ago)
of course he's the best. that's why he got knocked out on the first round of bc one 2005 by lilou.
Posted by Vice President (3223 days ago)
wow thats amazing!
Posted by flex89 (3223 days ago)
Physics ain't the best. There're many bboys who can own him but yea, he's fucking dope.
Posted by Bread (3223 days ago)
He's the man!
Posted by B-Boy Bordo (3223 days ago)
Old clip ... I agree he's very good ... but so are other bboys ... like Ducky, Hong10 and Eagle1 for example ...
Posted by BboY Edi (3223 days ago)
OMG SICK !!!! whats the name of tha song ?
Posted by Lillte G (3223 days ago)
he is the best what is the song..?>
Posted by hoi (3223 days ago)
nice breaker
Posted by HP-Bboys (3223 days ago)
You should see baek
Posted by Swiper (3223 days ago)
by the way this is also taken from peace
Posted by andrewww (3223 days ago)
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Added: 26-06-2005
By: andrewww
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In my oppinion he is the best bboy in the world :) can be disputed but look at the video 1st... Peace
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