First Solo Video By XxB-boyxX
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Omg, stop with the techno!!! :dead:
Posted by NiSenNen (2697 days ago)
omfg nice millz. where ur toprock and footwork??
Posted by BBOY-DIK (3091 days ago)
Oh nice moves. I found the song. It's Neo Cortex - Elements. Good Song heh
Posted by GreenStorm (3380 days ago)
not bad man . mills lookin nice
Posted by -whiz (3724 days ago)
YO your exactly the same as me in every way, exept your windmills are 5 time better
Posted by numero uno bboy (3724 days ago)
u need transistions badly bro.. badly.
Posted by BbOy-_-hoLLoW (3730 days ago)
Posted by BbOy-_-hoLLoW (3730 days ago)
llol i see those headslide things everywhere for a while now
Posted by Bboy Du (3730 days ago)
not bad but you're flares need a lot of work... where'd you get the headslide idea? That's pretty neat ;) heheh
Posted by BBoy_J-Man (3731 days ago)
u think u can gime that song on aim or somthin? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee i really want that song
Posted by bBoY-bEgiNnEr (3731 days ago)
the song is "The Element" i dont who its by though my friend gave me the burned version.. also thnx for the tips
Posted by xXB-BoyXx (3732 days ago)
i like how u got decent foundation and flow in ur footwork. ur poses and balance needs work tho. those forearm poses/handstand/flare/turtle kinda stuff u mite wanna polish up. its not bad tho. i like how ur footwork is decent and u seem pretty on track, juss work on those power and freezes on the side, and keep finding ur style
Posted by Bb0Y FaYTh (3732 days ago)
Pretty good, better than my first 'solo' video. The turtles could use a little work. And by the way, what song is that?
Posted by xbBoYrIcEx (3732 days ago)
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Added: 31-01-2004
By: xXB-BoyXx
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Here is my first solo video please rate me
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